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This replacement blade is compatible with all Silhouette electronic cutting tools. Contains one blade and instructions for its installation.This Silhouette blade can be used in all Silhouette electron...
The Silhouette CAMEO is the ultimate DIY machine. From customizing your apparel to personalizing your party - and everything in between - the CAMEO will help you create your own DIY masterpiece. The ...
This card gives you access to thousands of cuttable images found on the Silhouette Online Store and makes a great gift.This is a prepaid download card that allows you to easily and conveniently downlo...

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Simple Cricut Scrapbook Pages

Well I figured it was high time I actually got back to doing some scrapbooking, what with all these fantastic scrapbooking tools I have.  The pictures themselves aren't great, but they are from f.... read more

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Labeled Herb Pots with Chalkboard Vinyl

Last year my roommate grew her herbs on our windowsill in empty Ben & Jerry's ice cream cartons. This year (those having disintegrated), I opted for this instead: This is super easy, and cheape.... read more

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Fun with Silhouette Interfacing, pt.1: Dish Towels

I like cute things.  This simple dish towel, for instance. It's cute, and I like it. I have an old roommate who's bridal shower is coming up in a few weeks and I thought making a fu.... read more

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We Love Dads! Easy Fathers' Day Gift Idea

So, I happen to be a bit of procrastinator when it comes to sending gifts.  ("Groan. Really?" Says my family. But hey, it's a matter of having time to get to the post office! ...Usually.) And a.... read more

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Paper Lace (and glass) Lanterns

So you want a little mood lighting....okay   While skimming online for ideas, I saw some beautiful lanterns with intricate lace-like designs used as an outdoor table setting idea for late sum.... read more

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Lesson from Cinderella

Ever looking for an excuse to get a new pair of shoes? Well the message of this adorable sign might just be all the excuse you need. ;) I had a small community service auction to attend where indiv.... read more

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Be-YOU-tiful Wall Hanging

So I was surfing around in Pinterest the other day (*smile...okay, that's a fun past-time that does just that...passes time! WOW. You all know what I'm saying.), that's when I found a sign that just.... read more

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"Simple Cards" and "Creative Cards", by Cricut

A few posts back I promised to show you a few more cards from the "Simple Cards" cartridge for Cricut. That, along with a few friends' birthdays and such, led me to this post.  (Plus, we just low.... read more

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Chalkboard Vinyl Door Hanger

Chalkboard vinyl. Chalkboard vinyl?! How great is that?  Thank you, Cricut and Silhouette, for such a wonderful little invention.  Now I have vinyl that I can write on and that erases. &nb.... read more

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Brighten a Day: 3D Flowers and Simple Cards

Using your Cricut and Silhouette to help brighten someone's day is easy, fun, and shows them you were willing to do something a little extra special for them. Not to mention, it is cheaper than buying.... read more

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