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This replacement blade is compatible with all Silhouette electronic cutting tools. Contains one blade and instructions for its installation.This Silhouette blade can be used in all Silhouette electron...
The Silhouette CAMEO is the ultimate DIY machine. From customizing your apparel to personalizing your party - and everything in between - the CAMEO will help you create your own DIY masterpiece. The ...
This card gives you access to thousands of cuttable images found on the Silhouette Online Store and makes a great gift.This is a prepaid download card that allows you to easily and conveniently downlo...

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Cricut Stencil Material - 29-0621 - Cricut - Cricut Accessories - Cricut

Cricut® Stencil Material is polycarbonate with repositional adhesive and protective release liner, 0.0125" (0.32 mm) thick.

You can create easy personalized stencils cut with the Cricut® machine! So effective for home décor and custom projects!

1 Sheet 12 inch by 24 inch

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