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CAMEO PixScan cutting mat - CUT-MAT-PIX12-3T - Silhouette

Use the PixScan™ mat with your Silhouette electronic cutting tool and Silhouette Studio® software to cut precisely around a printed design or when you need to position cut lines in a specific location on your material. 

Ideal for:

  • Turning hand drawn sketches and lettering into cut jobs
  • Digitizing fabric patterns
  • Adding custom-cut borders and frames to professionally printed invitations
  • Replicating a pattern at its original size
  • Saving material and time using the “nesting” feature in Silhouette Studio®
  • Digitizing your stamp collection into corresponding cut files
  • Incorporating any printed image or pattern into your custom craft projects
  • Turning photos and magazine clippings into cut or sketch files
  • Saving any scanned or photographed image into your personal digital library


1 CAMEO PixScan™ cutting mat

8.5 inch x 11.5 inch cutting area

Note: the CAMEO PixScan™ mat ONLY works with the Silhouette CAMEO® and with Version 3.1 (or higher) of the Silhouette software.

Please note PixScan ™ is intended to help crafters digitize original artwork and photos.



PixScan™ can be used as follows:

  1. Place your material onto the PixScan™ mat. The material must fit entirely inside the rectangular workspace border on the mat.
  2. You can capture an image of the mat and material using either a scanner or a digital camera
    • With Scanner: Scan the entire PixScan™ mat with material in place. If necessary, you can perform multiple scans and the software will stitch the scans together automatically.
    • With Camera: Set the PixScan™ mat on a flat surface. Take a photograph of the entire mat with material in place. The photograph can be taken straight-on or at a slight angle. Transfer the image onto your computer.
  3. Click the PixScan™ icon in the upper left corner of Silhouette Studio® and follow the on-screen instructions to import your image.
  4. Add cut lines to your imported image as desired in Silhouette Studio®.
  5. Proceed to cut as usual.